Parry shares Christmas Greetings

HonJosephParryA(ZIZ News) — Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party, the Hon. Joseph Parry, has called on everyone to embody the spirit of Christmas and be warm, open and reach out to each other.

He made the comments during his Christmas message to the Nation on Thursday.

“Can we learn to uplift each other and not be negative in any way? That when we see people struggling, when we see people who are poor, born poor, who have ambition and ability, and who reach upward and are doing well, can we lift them up and help them to reach further…to reach even to the stars? Because after all, isn’t that what Christmas is about?” Parry remarked.

He also encouraged everyone to show goodwill and kindness to the police during the festive season.

“Let us not fall into the trap of being hostile to the police or hating the police. But at the Christmas time, to reach out and encourage them to be a part of the community. The police need us but we need the police more,” Parry added.

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