Parson Ground man robbed of his possession in Sandy Point

ZIZ News…Sept 12, 2011 – Police in Sandy Point supported by the Commissioner of Police is looking into a robbery that took place on Saturday.

The Sandy Point Police Station received a report of a robbery which occurred at approximately 11:45 pm at the Alley, Sandy Point.

According to a Release from the Press and Public relations office, Police from the area responded immediately to the call and their investigations so far revealed that Geneve Christopher of Parsons Village was robbed of his key and his wallet containing a small sum of money by two mask assailants who struck him with a stick which they used to effect the robbery.

Christopher received a cut to the right side of his head from the blow and was taken to the Pogson Medical Centre by the police where he was treated and discharged.

Officers from the Crime Scene Department supported by Commissioner Celvin G Walwyn and Lieutenant Ancil Alexander a finger print and forensic expert visited the scene and did the necessary processing.

ZIZ News understands that so far a motor car has been confiscated and one person of interest is in police custody assisting the police with their investigation.

Commissioner Walwyn who has only recently took over the leadership of the Police Force also met with the victim and his family and reassured them that the police will do all legally possible to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice. Investigations in the matter are ongoing.

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