Partial Curfew Days Designed to Assist Persons Conducting Essential Business Only, Says Superintendent Henry

Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 08, 2020 (SKNIS): Superintendent Cromwell Henry has advised the general public that partial curfew days are designed to assist persons conducting essential business only. The statement was made during the April 08 National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) COVID-19 Daily Briefing.

“Partial curfew days mean that there is an easing of the 24-hour curfew to allow residents to make shopping for essential supplies – groceries, medical supplies and that sort of thing,” said the superintendent. “It is not a day for persons to entertain themselves at bars, go to the beach and have fun. The stay in place order is still in place and residents are required to stay at their homes, stay in their yards unless you have to leave for an essential purpose.”

He noted that today alone, eight persons were arrested in the Sandy Point area for breaching the partial curfew.

“Two of them were at the beach in Fig Tree and six were just hanging out under a tree drinking and just socializing ordinarily. This type of activity is not permitted,” he said.  He reiterated, “You should only be out of your premises if you are accessing an essential service such as medical supplies or food…”

Superintendent Henry said that any business that does not provide essential services should remain closed. Such businesses include those with retail liquor licences as these are suspended from operating for the period of the emergency.

“Only wholesale liquor should be on sale. That is, the supermarkets can sell liquor by the bottle but the bars cannot sell liquor by retail,” he noted.

The superintendent continues to urge persons waiting in line at the supermarkets, both inside and outside, to observe the social and physical distancing protocols, as these will help curtail the spread of the disease. Persons are to maintain a distance of 6-feet at all times.

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