Peace Promotion highlighted at Project Purple Pilot Schools

Basseterre High School

Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 25, 2011 (SKNIS): Students at the Federation’s Project Purple Pilot High Schools participated in special assemblies yesterday to bring their classmates (who were unable to attend services on Saturday and Sunday), “in the loop” celebrating an official end to the tolerance of bullying in schools.

The project which was launched at Basseterre, Cayon, Verchilds, Washington Archibald and Charles E. Mills High Schools, has arrived at a critical juncture this week, that of bringing the awareness among students and the general public to a peak. The week of activities labeled Passion For Peace Week will highlight efforts to make schools a safety zone for children.

Principals of the schools all delivered strong, inspirational messages to students encouraging them to be less confrontational and more conciliatory. Students delivered high-energy performances addressing real issues experienced in the school environment, providing options for peaceful resolution.

The week long observance continues today Tuesday October 25th with open day in all the pilot schools. Parents and individuals from the community have all been extended an invitation to show their support by visiting the exhibitions which are being put on by students.

These individuals will also have an opportunity to get involved in the activities on Wednesday October 26th by practicing Peace. Project Coordinator, Dr. Tricia Esdaille has stated that Peace Day is the day when persons are encouraged to be their best version of themselves.

“On this day people are being asked to give up the need to be right, to speak to the coworker whom they have not spoken to for years, to go out of their way to keep peace,” Dr. Esdaille emphasized; “This is more than being nice- this is bending backward to create an environment of peace.”

Students are looking forward to Friday which will feature a Peace March through Basseterre and Rally and Fun Day at Warner Park. The event is stated to be highly anticipated among students and is expected to be a significant catalyst in bringing the issue of violence and bullying in schools to an all time high. The Rally is open to the general public.

The acronym P.U.R.P.L.E means Promoting Understanding Respect and Peace in the Learning Environment.

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