Pedestrian Injured in Traffic Accident

TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT (October 1st 2012) — The Traffic Department is investigating a traffic accident that occurred at about 1:00 pm on October 1st along the New Town Bay Road in the vicinity of St. Kitts Scooter Rentals.

The accident involved motor car PA 8807 driven by Natasha Doche of St. Christopher Club, Frigate Bay and motor car PA 2768 driven by Alva Thompson of Cabbage Tree Cayon.

Investigations revealed that PA 2768 was travelling towards Basseterre when PA 8807 moved from its parked position on the mountain side of the road travelling in the same direction, as a result both vehicles collided and sustained damages.

PA 2768 ran off the road on the seaside and collided with a pedestrian, Elroy Gibbons 55 of La Guerite who was walking on the side walk. Gibbons was taken to the JNF Hospital by the EMS where was treated for injuries sustained. He was kept for observation.

Investigations are ongoing.

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