Pelican Bay’s Charity Initiative

(ZIZ News) — The Bethesda Moravian Church’s “Martha’s Kitchen” initiative and the Washington Archibald High School’s steel pan program are the recipients of a grant from Pelican Bay St. Kitts.

According to Director of Sales and Marketing, Don Lockman, the community played a major role in the selection of the grant’s recipients.

“There are so many great charitable organisations and groups within St. Kitts that I’m really glad that I didn’t have to choose one myself. So we took this to the community and really asked them to do some soul searching and decide where they felt these grants should go and the community spoke and today we are here to have a brief ceremony of handing those checks over to those worthy causes,” he said.

A representative of Martha’s Kitchen explained what their program entails.

“We are here from the Bethesda Moravian Church and New Dawn, that’s the Keys section, and we started an initiative in February of this year and it has grown from strength to strength. It is really something that we thought would have provided some sort of assistance to needy persons and that includes the elderly and shut-ins. So what we do, every Tuesday, we would cook the food and have it dished out accordingly at the kitchen at the church in Cayon-that’s the Bethesda Moravian Church-and then the lunches are delivered to the persons,” she said.

The Washington Archibald High School’s representative spoke of the need for the grant and how it will be used.

“We have been working and requesting assiduously to have our steel pan music program re-introduced into the school. As you would have read from our brief that the steel pans are no longer functional and we have made several attempts and this is our first successful attempt to obtain some funds and we appreciate the initiative and we are so glad that we can actually have some funds to source our pans and also implement our Buddy Program with the neighboring schools where we are going to expose students from the Beach Allen Primary and Maurice Hillier Primary to the steel pan,” she said.

Each recipient received $5000.00.

Pelican Bay, to be officially named “Embassy Suites St. Kitts”, is expected to open and be operational in one and a half years.

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