People’s Action Movement leader Lindsay Grant puts Country above Self as he steps down

Basseterre, St. Kitts July 17, 2012, (PAM Public Relations):- People’s Action Movement Political Leader Mr. Lindsay Grant today announced his decision to relinquish his leadership of the 45 year old St. Kitts-Nevis Opposition party, effective September 30, 2012. Mr. Grant while making his announcement at a press conference on Tuesday at the Ocean Terrace Inn, outlined the party’s progress over the last twelve years under his stewardship. “The party has had some challenges, however we have made some strides. When I took office in 2000 the party had no presence in parliament, today the party has three members in parliament. Further, the party recorded it highest ever vote totals in the elections of 2010.”

Mr. Grant reiterated that he strongly believes in term limits, and reminded the body of his commitment that his leadership was only intended to be one that would last for ten years at a maximum if his party remained in opposition and ten years if he became Leader of the Country. “After serious reflections I have come to the conclusion that the time has come to pass on the leadership. The Country and the party is bigger than myself, one must not seem to have ownership of country or party, and it is with that in mind I today inform you of my intentions to step aside effective September 30, 2012.” Mr. Grant assumed the Leadership of The People’s Action Movement in 2000 after the retirement of former Political Leader and first Prime Minister of the Federation the Right Honourable Kennedy A. Simmonds.

During his tenure as political leader Mr. Grant has made many sacrifices, he has been the first and only candidate to present his personal finances for public scrutiny, he has given up his right of United States citizenship in order to serve the nation, and has sacrificed career, time, energy, and family.

Both Deputy Political Leaders, the Honourable Eugene Hamilton and Shawn Richards, as well as the entire party executive have expressed their gratitude to the political leader for his stewardship over the last twelve years, and has applauded this decision as yet another example of leadership at its highest calibre.

Mr. Grant will continue to contest the seat in constituency #4. However, his resignation as leader now triggers the section of the People’s Action Movement constitution which dictates the procedures to follow in the event of a vacancy in the leadership.

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