PEP intern puts foot in the door at LIME

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS (May 7, 2013) — Twenty-year old Ms Caley Greaux of Key’s Village is a firm believer that for any job seeker to get a job of their dream, they should first put their foot in the door of the company they hope to work for.

This has come true for the former student of the Dr William Connor Primary School, Basseterre High School, and the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, thanks to the People Employment Programme (PEP). She is now a temporary staff at the LIME’s flagship store on Cayon Street, Basseterre, as a cashier.

“Before I joined the People Employment Programme I was working at Ram’s Supermarket on Bay Road part time as a cashier,” says Ms Greaux. “I decided to go to PEP because I wanted a job. Because they say that once you get your foot in the door, and you perform and you work well you will get promotion in there and they will give you a fulltime job.”

The embodiment of the youth the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis produces, Ms Greaux was seconded to LIME by the People Employment Programme and worked at the Credit Department diligently. Her good attitude to work was soon evident and once a temporary position arose, her colleagues urged her to apply.

“There was an opening for the cashier’s job and I applied because when I worked at Ram’s part time that is what I used to do,” says Ms Greaux. “So even though I was on the PEP and they had an opening for a temporary job here at LIME, I applied to get my foot in the door more.”

She had started working as a People Employment Programme intern at LIME on the last Wednesday in February (27th) and after applying for the cashier’s job, and got it, she started on Monday April 29. It now means that she is no longer under PEP, as LIME has taken the responsibility to pay her.

According to Mrs Merlese Maynard, Manager Debt Management, Debt and Collection Department, who was her supervisor as an intern said that Caley had shown the right attitude to work. When the position of temporary cashier arose, the other staff encouraged her to apply because they could see her attitude as she worked well, and got along very well.

Ms Greaux’s new supervisor, Mrs Diane Browne, Retail Sales Manager, said that a permanent position arose, and one of the temporary staff got it. To replace that staff member they looked for the next best person to fill in the temporary position, and when Caley was interviewed, she was successful.

According to Mrs Browne, some of the persons who applied for the position were more experienced than Ms Greaux. She however noted that sometimes it is not all about experience, as they also try to establish if the person is trainable to which Caley was.

“Also I spoke to her manager (Mrs Maynard) before, and she was not very pleased with me going after Caley,” said Mrs Browne with a light touch. “Her personality and attitude stood out. She held her own in the interview which says a lot because it was three of us and it can be very intimidating to speak to three people. But as a young and growing person, I thought that she should get that opportunity, and so far she is doing well.”

People Employment Programme’s Project Manager Mr Geoffrey Hanley said that he was pleased with the opportunity that the telecommunications giant LIME has given to PEP interns. He noted that LIME was an equal opportunity employer having given a temporary job one of the interns from PEP. Another four interns are working in various departments at LIME.

“When persons come to PEP, we interview them to establish their qualifications and experience and we pair them with suitable employers where they stand a high chance of being employed,” said Mr Hanley. “We unearth the talent in our young people and send them to prospective employers. LIME has partnered with us well and it is our prayer that the other four interns will get fulltime employment before the end of their six-month attachment.”

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