PEP Launches School of Technology

(ZIZ News) — The People’s Employment Programme, or P.E.P., is continuing to develop programmes to help the country’s youth, this with Monday’s launch of the P.E.P. School of Technology.

Government representatives officially opened the school with a brief ceremony at the Newtown Community Centre.

P.E.P.’s Project Manager, Geoffrey Hanley told ZIZ News that the goal of the project is to boost the computer skills of P.E.P. participants who have shown an interest.

“We are serious about certification and it is going to happen and the opening of this School of Technology is just another step closer towards achieving that as each one of the candidates, or students, or participants, would be given their own ID number so when the assessments are ready to be done and you go behind those computers, even if your assessors aren’t here, they might be in England, they will know that ‘Mary Jane’ is on the system,” he noted.

Minister of Youth Empowerment, the Hon. Glenn Phillip described P.E.P. as a catalyst for change and development of human resources in St. Kitts.

“The scope of the programme was to further retool our people in preparation for the new and emerging economy that is based on services, creative arts, and Information and Technology. And over the last 25 months, the training of our people continues to yield results and unveil the untapped potential that can be found in our citizens,” he said.

Officials said the school will also provide added support to participants who are already involved in related fields, such as graphic design, and once the training modules are complete, the school will remain available to be used by the community.

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