PEP’s Impact on the Youth

GeoffreyHanleyA(ZIZ News) — Geoffrey Hanley, the Project Manager of the People’s Empowerment Programme, or PEP, has praised the young persons who are taking advantage of opportunities that the programme provides.

During the launch of the new PEP Secretariat, Hanley said the government has not given up on the youth and through this programme, he has seen several examples of young person’s turning their lives around.

He made specific reference to the participants who renovated the building that houses the new Secretariat.

“These are the same young men and women who were once on the block, out of a job, and had to listen to people say that we are wasting our money on them. How can we be wasting money when skills are being taught and lives are being transformed by the better?” he said.

Various officials honoured the renovation and carpentry participants by presenting them with awards.

The new Secretariat is located on Princes’ Street in downtown Basseterre.

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