PLP’s Deputy Leader Byron-Nisbett gives West Basseterre children a head-start for 2019 back to school

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, September 2, 2019 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — School children from the West Basseterre area, Monday morning September 2 returned to their respective schools thoroughly energised to start a new school year thanks to a highly successful annual West Basseterre Back-to-School party held on Saturday August 31.

The brainchild of Peoples Labour Party (PLP) Deputy National Political Leader and Team Unity’s Caretaker for St. Christopher Three (West Basseterre), Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett, the Back-to-School party was held at the Dr William Connor Primary School and was attended by hundreds of school children, many who were accompanied by their parents.

“Today we had my annual Back-to-School event for the children, where we were able to give the children backpacks,” observed Senator Byron-Nisbett. “The backpacks were filled with notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers… just quite a number of items to get them a head-start for the back to school on Monday.”

A team of nine hair-braiders and three barbers worked tirelessly, all making sure that the girls looked nice and fancy with their hair styles to school while the boys had nice haircuts to get themselves ready for school as well. And while waiting for their turn at either the hair-braider’s or the barber’s, the children were kept busy by bouncing castles, and for the first time a masquerades group, the St. Kitts Masquerades Ambassadors out of West Basseterre, entertained both the young and the old.

A Spelling Bee competition which was coordinated by Ms Marizta Dias was held to cater for children in five age groups, 4-5; 6-7; 8-9; 10-12; and 12-13. The winner in each of the different age group won a $200 gift voucher that would be redeemed at Athletes Foot.

Apart from the Spelling Bee competition, children took part in lime and spoon races, and musical chairs as extra activities. It did not surprise those in attendance when even the parents and adults decided to also take part in their own version of lime and spoon races.

While this was the third time Senator Akilah Byron-Nisbett would have distributed backpacks, it was the second year that a full-fledged party was being held. Food and drinks were in plenty for both the young and the old. However, the usual addition was the presence of popcorn and cotton candy machines. Children coming to the party were given armbands that they used to claim their backpacks at the end of the event.

“It was extremely successful this year, and I am always happy to be able to provide for the children,” said the Hon Byron-Nisbett. “Having three young children of my own I know how hard it is this time of the year to try to get the children prepared for school. Any little thing would help, and that is why I thought it was important that I provide at least a backpack with school supplies for the children so that it would give kids a bit of an ease when they are preparing for back to school.”

Assisting in planning and executing the Back-to-School party were executive members of the Peoples Labour Party Constituency Number Three, and the Peoples Labour Party National Organiser Mr Alexis Nisbett. Senator Byron-Nisbett thanked all of them and the National Political Leader of the party, Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, for the support they have continued to give her.

“This year we had quite a number of persons within the community who reached out to me and other persons within my group and said, ‘we want to be able to help the young children as well, we want to do our part’,” observed Senator Byron-Nisbett. “We were very happy about that and so we would have had contributions coming in from a wide cross-section of the community who all wanted to be a part of and wanted to do something to help as well to make sure the children are ready for back to school.”

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