PM awards valedictorians of the Cayon High School

Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris returned to his alma mater, the Cayon High School on Wednesday for a presentation of awards to the school’s valedictorians.

Kiandre Weekes and Dasan Richards are the valedictorians of the Cayon High School’s graduating class of 2016.

Prime Minister Harris said it is a historic moment, not only because there are two valedictorians, but also because both are males.

He encouraged them to continue in their pursuit of academic excellence.

“I want to convey my own special congratulations to each of the young men, Mr. Richards and Mr. Weekes and to wish them well in their future endeavours so this is just a start. We hope that you will choose to continue to learn, to engage in professional development whatever you do. I encourage you to continue to be a model for the students of the Cayon High School so that they can emulate your conduct, your behaviour and your performance, not just in school but outside of the sacred grounds of the Cayon High School,” the Prime Minister said.

Valedictorians, Kiandre Weekes and Dasan Richards thanked the Prime Minister for his show of support.

The short but significant ceremony was chaired by Principal of the Cayon High School Francil Morris.

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