PM Calls on U.S. To Do More

Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris has been featured in U.S. publication as he called on the United States to do more to assist the Caribbean in the fight against Covid-19.

In a recent phone interview with Dr. Harris said the region “has not felt the full weight of the most powerful country in this fight against the pandemic.”

The prime minister did note that the U.S. is helping by providing $2 billion to the Covax Facility to supply vaccines to poor nations, but he said the Caribbean has not seen any high-profile gestures from Washington.

He said “There has been no specific outreach at the bilateral level to member states within the CARICOM region.”

The prime minister’s comments to echoed remarks he made at the arrival of 21,600 doses of vaccines from India on April 7 where he called on the larger countries to do more to stop the global spread of Covid-19.

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