PM Congratulates Carnival Winners

(ZIZ News) — As Sugar Mas 43 continued on Thursday January 1st, Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas has gone on record congratulating the early Carnival winners.

Prime Minister Douglas, during his 2015 New Year’s Address, said the performances and events to date have served to bolster residents’ sense of national pride.

“The brilliant performances of our many artists and cultural exponents during the Christmas and Carnival season have not only thrilled the huge crowds that came out to participate in the celebrations, but have also served to bolster our sense of national pride and to remind us of our capabilities as a people, notwithstanding the small size of our islands,” he said.

He then extended words of commendation to the Carnival winners so far, including the new National Carnival Queen.

“Specifically, let us congratulate our National Carnival Queen, Miss Tishima Brown; the Calypso Monarch of the Federation, King Astro; our victorious Talented Teen, Miss Rikki Blake-Brookes; the Junior Calypso Monarch, Mighty Sookie; the Soca Monarch for the Groovy, Mr. Janos Bagnall; and the Soca Monarch for the Power, Mr. Leslie “Sugar Bowl” Morton. Let us also remember and congratulate Ms D’Shnay Matthew-York of St. Maarten, the Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented Teen For 2014,” he said.

The Prime Minister is now calling on residents to participate in the remaining Carnival events in order to ensure their success and the success of Sugar Mas 43.

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