PM Douglas delivers feature address at New Horizons Easter Activities Closing Ceremony

(ZIZ)– Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas has told residents of the New Horizons Center that they should view their time at the home as an opportunity for a second chance.

Dr. Douglas was invited by the New Horizons residents to give the feature address at their recently concluded Easter activities.

“Being sent here is not a sentence, being sent here is not a condemnation; it is really a time for a second chance. [It is] a time to reflect, a time to slow down, a time to get it right the second time around,” said Prime Minister Douglas in his address.

He also pondered whether parents and guardians take enough time to remind their children of how unique and loved they are. Douglas suggested that the failure to express these emotions to our loved ones may contribute to the break down in relationships and result in both child and parent losing their way.

“And then I wondered whether we as parents do take the time to say to our children, ‘My child, you are the best forever,’ because really, it is this kind of interaction between parent and child, teacher and student; it is this kind of intimate bonding, formed with emotion, that is sometimes missing why we as parents may go the wrong way and our children likewise, may go the wrong way.”

The Prime Minister concluded by appealing to parents and guardians of children in the programme to give their full support to the rehabilitation process. This was necessary, said Dr. Douglas, to ensure that at the end of their stay at the home, residents will be able to re-enter society, better for the experience, and can contribute to building a strong St. Kitts and Nevis.

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