PM Douglas expects Dr. Drew to assist in securing gains; the new candidate promises to empower youths, farmers and constituents

(left to right) – St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas; Dr. Drew’ mother, Ras Gerzel “Pet” Mills; Dr. Terrance and Joycelyn Mary Nisbett (aunt of Dr. Drew)

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 31st 2013 (CUOPM) – Medical practitioner, Dr. Terrance Drew is expected to assist the Government of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, in securing the gains made from the successes of the social and community programmes.

“Labour’s mandate in the next election (constitutionally due in 2015), must be to secure these gains for our people from PAM, whose history and record for 15 yrs were open and rampant discrimination against Labour supporters in Labour- held constituencies for infrastructural development, home and land ownership, healthcare, jobs, scholarships and student loans,” said Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas.

He was at the time speaking at a Branch Meeting in St. Peter’s to introduce his Labour Party’s new candidate for St. Christopher 8.

In remarks prior to the Prime Minister’s address, Dr. Drew thanked former candidate and former parliamentarian, Mr. Cedric Liburd and promised to dedicate himself to the empowerment of the youths in land and home ownership, infrastructural development and assistance to farmers.

“He transformed the constituency from what used to be considered deplorable conditions. Our thanks must go out to the Labour Party since taking office in July 1995 for building the necessary infrastructure. I recall that under the former PAM administration, not even one house was built in Monkey Hill – whether Upper Monkey Hill or Lower Monkey Hill or even in the entire St. Peters area – and very few in Cayon,” said Dr. Drew.

He noted also that prior to 1995, St. Peter’s hardly had a graduate from a university.

“We now can boast of having engineers, pilots, doctors and persons in the highest positions in society. Therefore, I say to Mr. Cedric Liburd, the time that you have served, you have done well. And now Mr. Cedric Liburd has recognized that it is time for a paradigm shift. And in a very matured and sincere way, he has passed the keys of this great constituency unto me which I would handle to the best of my ability,” Dr. Drew said.

Constituents gave standing ovation several times to their new party candidate

Stating that he will be a formidable opponent, Dr. Drew said the constituency lacks leadership.

“Leadership is lacking. Representation is lacking and I think that the people in this constituency are saying ‘we need leadership’ and so from today and forward, let me say clearly that the campaign to provide that leadership has begun,” he told cheering constituents.

“We are coming and we are going to take back our constituency. We will be working tirelessly hard to ensure that the need for housing is well represented here in constituency #8. With respect to land, the people have said that land is empowerment and if our young people are the majority of this constituency and we are to empower our people, well then our young people must have access to land and we will work hard to ensure that young people are included in that,” said Dr. Drew, a Cuban trained physician.

“With respect to education, I see a lot of young intelligent people in our constituency that come from families similar to mines where there are not so blessed when it comes to resources and finances, but there is a lot of talent and intelligence and I intend to continue what Mr. Cedric Liburd started and also to extend scholarships to those who deserve them,” said Dr. Drew.

He promised to ensure a speeding up of infrastructural development.

“There is much development to come to our constituency and I want to assure you that whatever comes to our constituency, to the builders of our constituency, that I will ensure that all builders who want to build and have strength, talent and know how, we will consider you and give that opportunity to you,” said Dr. Drew, who also promised to be a voice for farmers.

“We cannot forget our farmers because the farmers are those who feed us and I know that there are a lot of farmers in the St. Peters area and they have challenges. I cannot say that I can solve all of your problems but I can say that I will work tirelessly hard and I know that we can solve some of your problems to ensure that St. Peters increases its production in agricultural products,” said Dr. Drew.

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