PM Douglas proud to be associated with St. Paul’s Day Care Centre

(ZIZ)– Although he was lauded by several presenters for ensuring that the residents of St. Paul’s village witness the opening of a state of the art day care centre in the area, Prime Minister the Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas admitted that his presence at the opening ceremony was slightly biased.

“This morning being here for the opening of this centre has very special meaning for me. I was born, as you know, right here in St. Paul’s and I have spent all my life right here except when the duty or preparing myself for what I am today took me abroad,” he said.

In speaking of the history of early childhood care in his village, Prime Minister Douglas said the location of the new St. Paul’s Day Care Centre was symbolic.

“How fitting indeed that this land, once so closely associated with the bringing of new lives into the world, would now rightfully be associated with the caring and protection of young lives that are already here,” he said.

The St. Paul’s Day Care Centre was opened with an official ceremony on Friday, April 25th 2014.

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