PM frowns on slandering of Government officials/Party members

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, DECEMBER 11TH 2012 (CUOPM) – St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas says his governing St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party does not condone the slandering of ministers within his government and party.

“I want to say that the caller has to be very careful in saying that the Labour Party has been allowing persons known of the Party to be slandering others, that is not so at all. I as the Leader of the Party and would never ever condone any slandering of any member of the government or any high member of the party,” Dr. Douglas told PAM activitst, Mrs. Silvene Henry during is weekly radio call in programme “Ask the Prime Minister” on Tuesday.

Dr. Douglas pointed out that while people have their right to speak, he is of the view that people know that they have the right to speak within certain limits, adding that he would not make references to the statements that have been made against others in his Party and in the Government.

“But because as I said, this a democratic institution, and from time to time we would have persons free to make statements and of course people are free to give their opinions and ideas, but at the end of the day one remains one’s family and one wishes for it to remain inside that family,” he said.

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