PM Harris implores experienced domino players to pass on expertise to younger players

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, December 10, 2019 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Sponsor of Constituency Number

Seven Domino League, Prime Minister and Area Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, on Sunday December 8 appealed to senior domino players to pass on expertise to the younger players.

According to Prime Minister Harris, when the league started in 1996, two teachers who were instrumental in its formation, Mr Osmond Petty (now Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security) and Mr Winston Morris, coordinated a youth domino league where they brought young people together and taught them how to play domino in the proper way.

“I think it is an activity that we still must do so that the experience, the knowledge, the expertise which you the senior guys have, not necessarily senior in age, but senior in terms of your years and your expertise in the game can be brought so that we have a new cadre of young people who will take on the leadership,” said the Prime Minister.

He made the remarks as he addressed domino players and enthusiasts, and their friends at a prize and awards giving ceremony on Sunday that was held at the Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux. The ceremony marked the end of this year’s edition of Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League competition.

At the colourful ceremony which was chaired by veteran domino player, Simeon ‘Cuban’ Liburd who is also the Vice President of Constituency Number Seven Domino League Committee, Parsons Domino Club from Parsons Ground in Constituency Number Six were awarded for successfully defending the championship they won for the first time last year.

President of Constituency Number Seven Domino League Committee and league coordinator, Calvin Farrell, gave an overview of the league.

Captains, or their representatives, gave remarks. They were: Captain Zeyn Pencheon of Christchurch; Norris Sharry of Small Corner Bar; Keithley Gaskin of Guinness; Captain Keithroy Eddy of Saddlers; Robert Charles of Sylvers; Wasim Barry of Unstoppable, Simeon ‘Cuban’ Liburd of Unity Patriots; and Ashton Williams of Parsons.

A special mention was made of a former Commissioner of Police, Austin Williams, who plays for Small Corner Bar Domino Club, and who was present. Assisting Prime Minister Harris in the presentation of cash awards was domino enthusiast, Sandra Duggins.

Initially eleven teams entered for competition in the 24th edition of Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League which is the longest running in the Federation. However only ten teams took part to the very end, as Phillips’ Domino Club dropped out after playing three games in the first round.

While congratulating the teams that took part in this year’s edition of the domino competition, Prime Minister Harris requested the teams to help the Phillips’ team to find new leadership.

“Phillips’ has a number of excellent players,” observed the Honourable Prime Minister. “We have just not been able to coordinate them so that their true potential can be shown in the performance of the league, and so we will work on that as we work on selling the idea for young people to be involved in domino.”

Teams that took part in the 24th edition of the Constituency Number Seven Domino League competition were: Parsons, the champions; Saddlers, the second placed team; Unstoppable, the third placed team; Guinness, the fourth placed team; Small Corner Bar that won the Best of the Rest championship; Unity Patriots; Giants; Sylvers, Christchurch; Molineux; and Phillips’.


“Next year we will be twenty five years – a milestone year,” said Prime Minister Harris, who added that he would prefer to allow for the teams’ leadership to determine in advance of the games next year, what they would do and how the league would be governed. “I certainly have pledged always to do the best I can to serve the constituency and to serve the people of the country.”

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