PM Harris lobbies for more Scholarship Opportunities for Locals

TimothyHarris-15(ZIZ News) — More scholarship opportunities or incentives for locals Attending Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine may soon be on the horizon.

During a meeting with top representatives of that institution and DeVry Medical International, Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris said while he stands ready to partner with the educational institutions, he wants more of the country’s nationals to reap the benefits of that partnership.

“When you started some time back, there were provisions for X number of persons to be able to benefit by way of scholarships or free tuition. Given now the increase in demand for those in the society, I believe that those figures need to be revisited so we are not talking about X but X plus, some other number that reflect solidarity with the view that education provides a critical vehicle for the development of people,” he said.

Dr. Harris said the level of incentive should be determined by the success of the institution. He said it is apparent that the institution is doing well.

Dr. Harris then explained why the continued partnership between the government and Ross University is important.

“It leads to a better managed society because it is critical manpower that it keeps societies stabilised and on the course to appreciation of a progressive growth agenda and in that regard, we can do more not just in crime, and we do more in terms of scholarship and training opportunities,” he said.

“We do more in ensuring that as we look at the university, its staff, its academic circle, in some respects we could look proudly and see Kittitians and Nevisians who are basically participating in very high levels and other levels and making therefore a direct and robust contribution to a university which has been proud to call St. Kitts and Nevis home and St. Kitts has been pleased to have doing business here,” he added.

Prime Minister Harris was at the time speaking with Vice President of Civic Affairs for DeVry Medical International, John Kroen, Esq., that company’s Regional Security Projects Manager for the Caribbean, Veron Lake, and Campus Administrator, Ray Francis.

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