PM Harris Says The Economic Surplus Is Paving The Way For A Number Of Projects

(ZIZ News) — Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris says the Federation’s economic surplus is paving the way for a number of projects.

The Finance Minister said that the country is performing way above standard and because of this performance a number of projects will be introduced and completed in 2017, in addition to those that would have been done in 2016, as the government works to further improve the lives and livelihoods of citizens and residents.

“We are going to be doing all these things that we are doing. We are going to get the roads fixed in the 70 plus projects for which no infrastructure had been given and persons are unable to begin to build their own homes, we are going to correct that wrong. Because we are in a surplus, we are able to say that we will build a brand new Health Centre for the people of Tabernacle,” he said, noting that the centre will serve persons in around the community. “Because we are in surplus, we are able to say that we will build a brand new community centre for the people of lodge, Bourryeux and Ottley’s. Because we are in surplus, we are able to do that hard court that is being done this year in Keys village”, Dr. Harris expressed.

A number of other projects were identified such as the completion of the Boyd’s playfield and the repairs to schools in the Federation. The Prime Minister said that the surplus has also made provisions for the construction of a new facility to house prisoners.

“Because of that surplus, we are going to start this year the design works and the construction of a new prison. We have contracted as local person to do the designs and to do all the documents that would be required so that we could start the commencement of construction of the new prison facility,” he said. “Because of where we have managed the country, we could now respond to the people in stone forth heights with respect to their roads. All these things we are able to do because the country is well-managed financially and that is why the surplus is important because it gives us a little bit more latitude to do things”, PM Harris explained.

He noted that in 2017, citizens and residents will see the largest capital expenditure “ever to take place in living memory”.

He noted that this is important and is being done in an effort to improve the quality of life for all in a number of areas including Education, Health and Infrastructure just to name a few.

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