PM Mottley Salutes Barbadian Women on International Women’s Day

Prime Minister Mia Mottley has paid glowing tribute to the women of Barbados for their fortitude and resilience in trying times while contending that their duty of care to one another will see the “walls of inequality torn down”.

Delivering a message on Tuesday to mark International Women’s Day today, Prime Minister Mottley was adamant that the history of gender inequality is not a woman’s problem, but one for the society at large, not only in its origins and impacts but its remedy.

“Respect is the greatest tool that we can employ as we go about our day-to-day lives. It is in our duty of care to one another that we will see the walls of inequality torn down,” Mottley suggested.

“My own experience has taught me that there is nothing in this world that is insurmountable if we face the challenges together,” she stated.

The Government leader reminded women and girls that there is a long journey ahead, pointing out that much remains to be accomplished.

“But bit by bit, hand in hand, day by day, we can do what it takes to erase gender inequality and to secure that sustainable tomorrow for all,” Mottley said.

The Prime Minister described the Barbadian woman as phenomenal, even as she lauded their contribution in homes, communities, schools, places of worship, and the public and private sector.

“We can each point to a woman whose words and whose deeds have lifted someone up even in the most trying of times…one who has stood as a provider, a champion and a defender, every day putting her best foot forward because she knows how many others depend on her,” Mottley declared.

“I marvel at some of the things I have seen Barbadian women from all walks of life accomplish in spite of all the many challenges before them. So many have supported households and raised children with little help, opening their hearts and homes to others in need even when there is already little to share. We all know examples like that; making sure that no matter how small the pot, not a soul in the house went to bed without something in their stomach; and if that person were to go to bed without something in the stomach, more often than not it would be the woman who is taking care of the family.”

Noting that women are able to get a dollar stretched better than many economists, the Prime Minister argued that Barbadian and Caribbean women have been historically modeled by others.

“And they have practiced the care of duty to one another, that this country now triumphs as one of the platforms on which our future development now rests,” Mottley said.

“For we have put that duty to care in our Charter of Barbados…caring, empathy, selflessness; all in spite of the many systemic and social barriers that they have to face that make their lives difficult, purely on the basis of what…just because they are a woman, just because they are a girl, just because of their gender?” she asked.

The Prime Minister also shared a message with all women and girls, which she said has guided her personal life.

“And what is that? Simply, do not lease out space in your head to anyone and for anyone. Stay focused and never limit your ambition and never doubt your abilities. Aspire my friends, to heights only you can determine,” Mottley advised.

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