PM’s inspirational Xmas Day Message

PMDouglasNationalAddress14Oct2009B(ZIZ News) — This Christmas, Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon Dr. Denzil Douglas’ message to the nation was one full of hope and inspiration.

In his customary Christmas Address, Prime Minister Douglas shared his wish for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis over the holiday season.

“I wish you peace, hope, and faith today and always. By the grace of God, we have been granted the gift of another Christmas. Let our hearts, therefore, be glad. Through the love of God, we have been protected all year from any and all natural disasters. Let our hearts, therefore, rejoice. In a world in which – at this very moment – there is real trauma, real tumult, real dislocation, and real suffering, our country on this Christmas morning is at peace, and our people, free,” he said.

Dr. Douglas also highlighted the importance of always looking for the good in others.

“May our hearts, this Christmas permit us to see each other and hear each other more clearly. Not that I wish for us to see everything that there is to see in each other, or to hear everything. Indeed, what I wish, instead, is that we would see more clearly in each other that which is good. For it is in focusing less on each other’s shortcomings, and more on each other’s strengths, not only at Christmastime, but all year through, that we find peace; and it is in doing this that we create a path to understanding,” he said.

The Prime Minister went on to encourage his audience to ponder the underlying themes of the nativity story; peace, compassion, understanding, courage and caring.

In addition to this, Dr. Douglas gave the commitment that his government would continue to ensure the prosperity of the nation in the New Year.

“And so, in this season that is synonymous on every continent with peace, I extend to you and all you hold dear, heartfelt best wishes for peaceful Christmas. And I pledge to you my Government’s commitment to ensure that yours will, indeed, be a hopeful and prosperous New Year. May God’s blessings enfold us all this Christmas, and may our hearts be filled with thanksgiving,” he said.

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