Pogson Medical Center receives donation of equipment

(SKNIS): Services at the Pogson Medical Center in Sandy Point will undoubtedly be enhanced thanks to the Christophe Harbour Foundation, which made a donation of a suction machine, delivery bed, three nebulizers and four cardiac monitors on Tuesday, March 21.

Matron Sandra Daly-Finley took possession of the equipment after a brief handover ceremony and extended gratitude to Tammy Darby, President of the foundation.

A nebulizer is used to administer medication in the form of a mist that is then inhaled by patients to treat cases of cystic fibrosis, asthma and other respiratory ailments. Matron Daly-Finley remarked that the cardiac machines, which monitor the heartbeat of patients, can also be used in respiratory attacks as they also display a person’s oxygen level.

“And of course sometimes, they have issues breathing and have a little extra secretion and so we can use the suction machine to get rid of that,” the hospital official said.

Mrs. Darby said she hoped that the machines would make a “huge impact” in the community and be very helpful as the Christophe Harbour Foundation always seeks to make meaningful change in the lives of residents.

Honourable Shawn Richards, Deputy Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Constituency #5, which includes Sandy Point, said he was grateful for the donation as he has had previous discussions with Mrs. Darby on several ways that the foundation can give back. Youth development, education and healthcare were all mentioned.

He added that in many circumstances related to health, the first intervention received by patients is quite critical and residents, particularly the students in nearby facilities starting with a nursery and going all the way up to a secondary school can take added comfort in knowing that additional machines are available to treat emergencies.

Minister of State with responsibility for Health, Honourable Wendy Phipps, said that the donation perfectly complements “a history of public-private partnership in our community in terms of healthcare delivery and service delivery.”

Mrs. Darby promised that the foundation will roll out additional projects around the country, noting that they will host a Professional Teacher’s Workshop for faculty at the Sandy Point Primary in May 2017. The objective is to help teachers exploit sources on the internet that provide different forms of classroom related content.

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