Poise SKN Aerial Art Dance Teen Students Travel For Train, The Cable Gold Sponsor

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 5, 2022 (Poise SKN) — Two (2) of Poise SKN’s aerial arts dance students travel to Cypress, Texas to participate in a week-long training intensive for pre-professional aerial and circus artists at Fenyx Aerial & Texas Circus and Aerial from September 5 to 11 2022. 

The teen Aerialists, Kaitlynn Wilson, 13, and Shakira Browne, 16, have both demonstrated an exceptional desire to learn and grow in this innovative dance form only offered at Poise SKN. The duo will participate in the exclusively tailored training in mixed apparatus, introduction to hand balancing, performance work, aerial silks, flying trapeze with and without catch, lyra hoop, open gym, flexibility and hammocks at the intermediate and advanced levels. According to Founder and Creative Director Desi Brown, this trip is part of a series of opportunities for Dancers at Poise SKN Institute of Dance to receive advanced training to improve their skills, expose them to higher level training and improve the quality dance education offered at the 6 year old Institute. 

This all expense paid trip received a tremendous amount of support from local businesses with gold sponsor The Cable committing to developing a partnership with Poise SKN following the launch of their Creatives+ (plus) package, a high speed premium internet package offered at an incredibly low cost. CEO of The Cable, Patricia Walters wishes to use these opportunities to reinforce her support for female entrepreneurs and creative professionals on the island. Miss Brown, expresses her deepest gratitude to The Cable and Mrs. Patricia Walters as well as Zenith Fashion, Deon and Associates, Shannon Hawley, First Class Jewelry and Mrs. Nathalie Brown for their contributions towards this initiative. 


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