Police Address Crime Situation

(ZIZ News) – Members of the police high command have laid out plans to address the recent upsurge in crimes in the Federation.

On Thursday morning, senior police officers addressed the nation on ZIZ Radio outlining their plan to fight crime.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Responsible for Operations, Vaughan Henderson said in response to the recent spate of violent crimes, the police have stepped up their patrols and searches in the various communities.

“We have beefed up our directed patrols in hotspots. Many of you have seen an increase in residence searches…Over 60 abandoned houses and vacant lots have been searched over the period,” ACP Henderson stated. “Over 38 derelict vehicles were searched in various neighbourhoods. We have increased our random stop and searches with over 80 individuals stopped and searched over the period. And I say, if you are a criminal you should feel very uncomfortable to carry a gun or any offensive weapon of that sort.”

Acting Commissioner of Police, Stafford Liburd said the police are committed to eradicating crime but they can’t do it alone and need the public’s help.

“We all know we are a small island and we, being small islands, therefore, we say we are too small for something to happen and for someone not to know something or say something. If you hear something as it relates to violent crime in particular, which is a fear that people have, or any criminal activity, we ask you please, share the information,” Liburd said.

The police say they are also continuing their community policing initiatives including working with the schools to target youth and steer them away from negative influences.

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