Police call for vigilance this season

ZIZ News — As everyone gets busier as the Christmas and Carnival season gets underway the police are calling on residents to remain vigilant at all times.

According to a police statement this time of the year there is an increase in small crimes.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector Lyndon David says some of the main offenses committed during these times involve breaking into buildings.

“When I say breaking offenses, I mean house breaking and larceny,” he said.“Burglaries, sacrileges — breaking into churches. And we also have larceny from the dwelling house. We are also looking at robberies, larceny from the persons and also there is larceny from unattended vehicles.”

Inspector David is also encouraging persons to invest in security devices for their personal items.

He said “I know that there are a number of persons who place security software in them like LoJack for example so if someone steals your computer or cell phone, LoJack will be able to help you to locate it and that is one of the investigative tools we are encouraging persons to utilize.”

He says persons can expect an increase security presence from members of the security forces throughout the season.

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