Police celebrates with one of their own on his 50th birthday

ZIZ News…Jan 21, 2013 — On Saturday 19th January, 2013 the staff at the Dieppe Bay Police Station lead by W/Cpl Carlene Phipps hosted a health walk in honor of N0.133 Police Constable Percy “Sly” Daniel to commemorate his fiftieth (50th) birthday and thirty-two (32) years of service in the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force.

The walk was attended by approximately forty (40) persons and started approximately 7:00 am at the Dieppe Bay Police Station.

Before the walk started the honoree “Sly” invited participants to some warm up exercises to get them loose and then journey eastwards along the Island main through White Gate, turn around at the St. Pauls Primary School and returned to the Dieppe Bay Police Station.

Attending were the Divisional officer for the area Supt Andre Mitchell, the staff of the Dieppe Bay Police Station, officers from the other Stations in the Division, Traffic Wardens from the Division, members of the community, Const Daniel and his family.

Following the walk participants were treated to a sumptuous breakfast in the conference room at the Dieppe Bay Police Station where persons paid homage to Sly Daniel on attaining this milestone and for his achievements as a Police officer and as a sports administrator. He was praised for his mannerism and for his sterling contribution at the Police Traffic Department, the Police cricket team, St. Kitts cricket team and Leeward Island cricket.

Specially invited guests and former/retired Woman Inspector of Police Carol Williams lauded Const Daniel as a good Police officer. Const was showered with gifts from his colleagues of the Dieppe Police Station and the Police Welfare Association. Percy “Sly” Daniel thanked everyone who attended the event and encourage them to take their health very seriously.

The walk was made possible by the Athlete Foot/Polo Company who donated white t-shirts for the participants to walk in and members of the community who donated the ingredients for the sumptuous breakfast and to them we say a big THANK YOU!!!!

This health walk was a tremendous success and everyone had a really good time. Persons suggested that the Police Force should keep a walk of this nature every month.

The staff at Dieppe Bay Police Station, Supt Mitchell and the entire Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force join in wishing Const Percy “Sly” Daniel a Happy 50th Birthday and 32 years Police service.

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