Police Commissioner Says Police Force Should Be “Results Oriented”

(ZIZ News) — In an effort to form better relationships between the public and the Police Force, Commissioner Ian Queeley addressed police officers last Wednesday encouraging them to be more result oriented.

“From day one the Prime Minister has indicated he is about results. We are going to be results oriented and as such we want to instil that in the minds of all of you,” he said.

He said the violent activities taking place within the Federation indicate that there is a desperate need for police intervention and cohesion to restore safety and security.

“We would be empowering you to do what you ought to do. My plea is the country needs us now. The country needs us more than ever,” he said.

He continued “We are living in turbulent and tumultuous times and as such all hands must be on deck as Miss Matthew said. This is not the time for backstabbing; this is not the time for undermining. This is the time for us to put our hands to the plough and produce the result.”

This was Mr Queeley’s first address to the Police Force after he was formally appointed Commissioner.

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