Police condemn Fake Story

CGWalwyn-8(ZIZ News) — The Commissioner of Police has discredited a story published on a local news website in which the author claimed to have met with and interviewed Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agents in late December last year.

Dr. Celvin Walwyn, told ZIZ News that the events in the story did not happen because FBI agents were not in St. Kitts at that time.

He said there is a procedure that must be followed whenever FBI agents arrive in St. Kitts.

“Based on the protocols in place, there were no FBI agents in St. Kitts. The customary thing is to write me a letter as Commissioner to let me know that they are coming. They would follow-up with a phone call and we would know when they are arriving in the Federation. They would come to the office to discuss whatever they’ve come to discuss,” he said.

Police officer Carl Greaux is credited as the writer. Commissioner Walwyn said the Force has launched an Internal Affairs Investigation and the FBI is also concerned about the article.

“It would mean that a foreign government is entering a sovereign land and that is not a practice that is conducted so they were very upset that the guy wrote the story because it did not occur,” he said.

The Commissioner is urging media houses to verify these types of stories by contacting the Press and Public Relations Department of the Police Force.

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