Police Force seeks additional ways of Reducing Crime in Schools

ZIZ News — The Mentoring Advising Guiding and Instructing Children [M.A.G.I.C] Programme that recently graduated more than 300 students here on St. Kitts has caught the attention of the Caribbean Community [CARICOM].

Commissioner of Police, Celvin Walwyn said the observation was made at the April 28th to May 1st Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police General Meeting and Conference.

He also said that other programmes were being looked at to reduce bullying in schools and crimes involving children and teenagers.

“While we were there, we came across another programme out of Houston that is being administered throughout the Caribbean. St. Kitts in July will have those instructors coming here and it deals with closing the gap between law enforcement and the kids in the community and St. Kitts is going to be the first country in the Caribbean that’s going to embrace it and all of the other Caribbean countries are coming here for a two-day session in July to see how best to implement this throughout the Caribbean,” he said.

Prior to the meeting, Commissioner Walwyn will travel to Houston, Texas to be part of the planning process.

Walwyn also revealed plans to adopt the “B.U.L.L.Y” campaign which has taken Trinidad by storm.

“I brought a poster back from Trinidad and this young man is 12 years old. He created this programme because his little sister, 10 years old, was being bullied in school and he created a programme on anti-bullying that took hold in Trinidad and those of us who are commissioners, we invited him to that meeting, 12 year old, coming and meeting all the commissioners of the Caribbean in one place and telling us what his programme was about and so impressed were we that I actually brought the flyer back to St. Kitts and had some made so we’re gonna put these throughout the schools in the federation,” the commissioner explained.

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