Police investigates shooting and the death of a young man by drowning

Asis Nisbette

ZIZ News…April 2 2012 — On the 1st April 2012 a group of persons whilst seated on a bench at the New Road Housing Project were shot at several times. No bodily injuries were sustained however two motor vehicles that were parked and the home of a resident were damaged as result of the gun shots. The crime scene was processed by the technicians and investigations are ongoing so as to locate the offenders.

Inspector Smithen of the new CID strongly suggests that the offenders present themselves to the nearest Police Station as all efforts will be made to bring these persons to justice as we continue to take back the streets of the Federation.

Officers of the Nevis Division RSCNPF are currently investigating the circumstances which resulted in the death of Asis Nisbette of Cayon, St. Kitts

Asis Nisbette was pronounced dead at the Alexandra Hospital at about 6:00pm by Dr Martinez. Preliminary investigations reveal that Asis Nisbette travelled to Nevis on a catamaran cruise and whilst in the process of leaving the vessel to come ashore at Pinneys Beach he drowned. 28 year old Asis Nisbette was assisted by the paramedics and was transported to the Hospital. As the investigation progress more information will be provided to the public.

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