Police investigates stolen vehicle

P2315 Crashed Stolen Vehicle

ZIZ Newsroom – May 10 2011 — The Police is looking into circumstances surrounding a stolen vehicle and its eventual collision with another vehicle.

A release from the Press and Public Relations Officer states that on Friday 6th May 2011 at approximately 9:15 pm police at the Traffic Department received a report of a stolen vehicle, registration number P-2315. A search operation was mounted by all units and at approximately 11:15 pm members of the Special Services Unit were patrolling the FT Williams Highway traveling west in the vicinity of the Shadwell round-a-bout when they saw P-2315 traveling in the opposite direction.

The chase ended with the stolen vehicle colliding with round-a-bout and another vehicle (R-530) that was already in the round-a-bout heading west. Both vehicles eventually came to a stop and the four occupants of P-2315 exited the vehicle and fled the scene.

Members of the Criminal Investigations Department, Crime Scene Department and Traffic Department were informed and summons to the area to carry out investigations while members of the Special Services Unit when in search of the four person who fled the scene. The scene was processed and the stolen vehicle was searched. Police found three license plates all bearing different numbers on the back seat of the stolen vehicle.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged, R-530 had extensive damage to the right front door, fender and wheel and all of its three occupants escaped serious injuries. The front end of P-2315 was also extensively damaged. The driver of the stolen vehicle will likely face charges of Driving without due care and attention, Failing to keep left in a round-a-bout, Driving while not covered by insurance and Larceny of a motor vehicle. At present one juvenile is in custody assisting the police with their investigations. Investigations are ongoing.

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