Police Officer says a State of the Art Training Facility can increase revenue for the country

MatthewMcGuire-1(ZIZ News) — A local police officer is proposing the construction of a state of the art training facility in order to increase revenue for the country.

Corporal Matthew McGuire, who has been a police officer for 24 years, shared his idea with National Security Minister, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris and Attorney General, Hon. Vincent Byron.

He said, “Because of the geography of the country, you find that countries like Anguilla, Tortola, and those countries, they go to Barbados to undertake training and I believe if we have a facility that is up on par with the Regional Security System, that is one way how you can attract those countries that will travel to Barbados. They can come to St. Kitts and the training can be done.”

McGuire’s comments came as Prime Minister Harris and A.G. Byron met with members of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force at the National Emergency Management Agency’s Headquarters on March 4.

He said local officers could also benefit from the training facility being constructed in the Federation.

“You can have the training facility ongoing where you can have local training for local officers. You can utilise it in different ways and at the same time, you can generate revenue in relation to visitors and so on,” he explained.

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