Police Updates (12 February 2015)

PoliceUpdatesFilePhotoB(ZIZ News) — Court Convictions

Charlesie Liburd of Upper Market Street was convicted for two (2) counts of Vending without a Licence which were committed on 12th and 26th September 2014, and placed on bond in the sum of $500.00 to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for a period of six (6) months. He was also ordered not to go to Port Zante except on the outer Western Portion to wash vehicles and go to Timothy Hill or the rest of Frigate Bay conduct Monkey vending or sell aloes.

Victor Hanson of Upper Cayon was convicted for Possession of Cannabis which as committed on 27th October 2014, and fined $2000.00 which is to be paid by 13th February 2015 or in default will serve three (3) months in prison.

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