Police Updates (May 03, 2014)

Vehicular Traffic Restrictions

ZIZ News — The Traffic Department takes this opportunity on behalf of the Licensing Authority to inform the general public of the vehicular traffic restrictions that have been put in place to facilitate the annual St. Kitts-Nevis Trade and Labour Union’s March which is scheduled for Monday 5 May 2014.

The route of the march is:

  • Commencing at Patsy Allers Playing Field
  • Turn East along Cayon Street
  • Turn right onto Cunningham Street
  • Turn left onto Central Street
  • Turn right onto Fort Street
  • Turn left onto Bank Street
  • Straight onto South Independence Square Street
  • Straight onto George Street
  • Turn left onto Sandown Road
  • Turn left onto Pond Road
  • West along Cayon Street
  • Turn left onto Wigley Avenue and climax at Patsy Allers Playing Field  

Restrictions: There will be no parking of motor vehicles on the following roads and streets from 8:00 AM, until further notice;

  • Cunningham Street
  • Central Street between 5-Ways to Fort street
  • That section of Fort Street between Central Street and Bank Street
  • Bank Street
  • South Independence Square Street
  • George Street
  • That section of Sandown Road between George Street and Frigate bay Road
  • Cayon Street up to Wigley Avenue 

Persons who live in the areas mentioned are kindly asked to comply with the restrictions and cooperate with any police officer who many have reason to interact with them in relation to the removal of their vehicles.

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