Police vehicle overturns in Sandy Point

Traffic Department (April 19th 2013) – The Police at the Traffic Department are presently investigating a traffic accident which occurred along the Island Main Road at Sandy Point in the vicinity of Laplace Residence, at about 3:35 PM on 19/4/2013. The accident involved motor van P-4000 owned by Government and driven by Derrick Fyfield of Camp Spring Field.

Investigation revealed that the van was travelling from Brimstone along the Island Main Road and when the driver reach in the vicinity of the Laplace residence over took a moving vehicle that was travelling in same direction as it attempted to get back on it lane to avoid an oncoming vehicle, the left front wheel of the van impact on the side walk, the driver then lost control of the vehicle and collided to a wall fence on the seaside of the road and it turned over on the right side.

There were six passengers in the van and all were taken to the JNF Hospital, the driver and the passengers of the van were treated and discharged. Further investigation a ongoing by the Traffic Department.

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