Policing with You

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 13, 2019 (ZIZ News): On this week’s episode of Policing With You Inspector Alrick Edwards spoke with Sargent Sophia Henry of the Traffic Department about the issue of incorrect vehicle number plates.

Sargent Henry has said that the Traffic Department has noticed an increase in the number of vehicles with registration plates that do not conform to regulation noting that these plates not only break the law but make it difficult for law enforcement and other road users to identify the vehicle by the registration number.

She also mentioned that the traffic department has embarked on a campaign to get motorists to get their plates corrected.

“We are currently on a campaign which will give vehicle owners an opportunity to correct the plate size, there will be no prosecution during the month of September for this violation. Owners are expected to use this grace period to bring your plate in conformity. This grace period is from September to the 5th of October 2019.”

Sargent Henry described the specific requirements for the appearance of the number plate.

“For the P, PB and PA this number plate must be black, the letters and numbers must be white. All letters and figures must be three and a half inches high every part of every letter & figure must be five eights of an inch broad and a total width of the space taken by every letter or figure except in the case of figure one must be two and a half inch in space.”

She also addressed motorists with tinted vehicles, stating that 65% of light should be passing through the vehicle which is the minimum required, anything less than 35% will be ticketed.

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