Praise for Parenting Seminar

JacquelineDouglas-1(ZIZ News) — Participants are praising the Dieppe Bay Primary School for successfully hosting a Parenting Seminar on Thursday.

Speakers representing sectors ranging from health care to Child Protection Services, were brought in to speak with parents about the best ways to raise children.

Among them was Glentine Wattley-Sutton, Child Protection Officer in the Department of Probation and Child Protection Services who spoke about her role in the seminar.

“I basically came here to this Parent/Teachers Seminar at the Dieppe Bay Primary School just to encourage, empower parents and teachers here alike to help care, protect and supervise the children. I hope that during my presentation, each parent took away a little of what was said with regards to protecting children from harm and ensuring that they’re always safe and free from abuse,” she said.

Principal of the Dieppe Bay Primary School, Jacqueline Douglas described the seminar as significant for both the school and the community.

“In our quest for greater success we find that as teachers, we cannot do it alone. We depend heavily on the parents’ support for their children. And only then would we see greater success gained by the students,” she said.

The day-long seminar was held at the Temple Church in Dieppe Bay.

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