Premier calls on local organizations to weigh in on CCM false and malicious statements

Premier of Nevis – Hon. Joseph Parry

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS (Wednesday, JUNE 15, 2011) Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry is questioning the silence of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) on the false and malicious statement made by Keith Scarborough of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM).

“I hope the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC), the Evangelical Association and the Christian Council will make a public statement about the abuse of the Courts and the disrespect of Resident Judge His Lordship, Mr. Justice Redhead “, Premier Parry told listeners to “In Touch With the Premier,” his weekly radio program on Tuesday.

On May 21st, while speaking on the CCM political platform, Mr. Keith Scarborough stated that he was made aware that Justice Redhead of the High Court was seen sitting in a room with a number of key NRP supporters.

Mr. Scarborough, who is the St. Thomas candidate, has since apologized for making the remarks in a statement. The apology was aired on VON Radio less than a week after he made the inaccurate statements about the Judge.

Justice Redhead has requested for Mr. Scarborough to appear before the court, because as Mr. Redhead said it has been a malicious attempt to malign his good name and professional career.

Premier Parry said the CCM has maligned the Judge’s name and the CCM lies are so fabricated and ridiculous that even a small child would wonder about them.

“It is a serious matter of contempt of court and a man who has been a Judge and worked throughout the Caribbean in the legal profession for over 26 years has witnessed his professional career become bruised by the malicious statements of the CCM,” commented the Premier.

As the election campaign heats up quickly in Nevis, Premier Parry says it is imperative that those in organizations which can make a difference, to act quickly.

The Premier concluded on this issue, “It is a burning shame and a disgrace that these men (in the CCM Party), some who are lawyers themselves would act like this!”

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