Premier Parry discusses Devolution of Power for Nevis

Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry (file photo)

NEVIS (NOVEMBER 7, 2010) — Devolution of Power was an issue discussed during Government in Action a weekly television programme on Nevis Television (NTV), hosted by Mr. Walter Morton on Wednesday evenings. Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry spoke of the fundamental points of Devolution of Power on Nevis.

“With Devolution for Nevis, it will create more power for the island, regardless of what is being said or with the many positions taken. Devolution puts us in a better situation and it will put us in a better direction for our economy,” said the Premier.

The Hon. Joseph Parry mentioned that he recently heard a caller to a local radio programme say, “No to Devolution of Power and yes to Clause 113”. The Premier said the statement was laughable and told viewers that it stemmed from deception and the depths of ignorance.

“Mr. Amory [Federal Opposition Parliamentarian and former Premier of Nevis] should not deceive anyone in Nevis on Devolution of Power. He himself said that in 1998 he wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas seeking Devolution of Power. He himself indicated in 2003 at a conference, that devolution was the way to go because he did not want to break up the country. A few weeks ago Mr. Amory said that he would support devolution,” said the Premier.

The Premier noted that he would monitor the Devolution of Power matter very closely to see which Nevisian Parliamentarian – Hon. Vance Amory or the Hon. Mark Brantley – who would vote “no” on the issue.

The Premier concluded, “It will look very bad to see that somebody from the Peoples Action Movement (PAM) party will vote for it, while the Nevisians in the House vote against it because of politics, opportunistic reasons to promote themselves and not the island of Nevis.”

According to Hon. Joseph Parry, Devolution of Power and the constitutional Clause 113 were two separate issues and no one should be confused on the matter. Devolution will simply give Nevis the opportunity to manage its own affairs.

According to the Constitution of St. Kitts and Nevis, Clause 113 sprang from the Parliament on Nevis, decided by the Nevis Parliament and Nevis voters. Devolution of Power sprang from the Federal Parliament where two thirds of Parliamentarians was needed to support the matter.

The difference in terms of Devolution would be that the island of Nevis would not change its status of a Federation but it would give Nevis more autonomy to carry out its own affairs internally, whereas with Clause 113 two separate countries would be created.

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