Premier Parry–Marriott story a non issue

Premier Parry

ZIZ Sports…April 5, 2012–In a brief interview with Premier of Nevis, Hon Joseph Parry which was conducted within an hour after the historic victory of the St. Thomas’ Primary School, Mr. Parry stated that he knew nothing about the talk that he had promised to take the entire St. Thomas’ athletic team to the Marriott’s for a weekend.

“I don’t know where they got that from,’ said Mr. Parry laughing. ‘I want to congratulate St. Thomas. They were exceptional. All of the schools did really well. It was a close competition. The competition was fierce but St. Thomas’ was really outstanding.

This Marriott’s issue–I don’t know where that came from. I never made such a promise.’

It is only left to assume that it all started as an unfortunate April fool’s joke gone sour. It is also left for assumption that the talk about the JLPS team having a container full of ‘three peat’ shirts waiting to be released, is another similar bit of talk, meant for mischief.

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