Preparations underway ahead of AVEC’s annual Trade Fair Show

(ZIZ News)
By: Chaïra Flanders

The Advanced Vocational Education Centre is gearing up to host its 2nd Annual Trade Fair show on Thursday.

During a brief interview with ZIZ, Cosmetology Facilitator at AVEC, Shariena Mills explained that the trade show is designed to give students the opportunity to put their business skills on display.

She said the event is forcing the students to collaborate, use their imagination and tap into their potential. It is being held under the theme, “E.P.I.C”.

Mills said the students were able to create seven businesses during the programme, including The Electronics and Electricity Department’s “ETEC”, The Cosmetology’s Department’s “Lavish Beauty Bar”, The Automotive Division’s “Fix Aide” business as well as the Hospitality Division’s “Taste of Liamigua”.

She said the EPIC programme is extremely beneficial for the students because it gives them the opportunity to interact with the public while also sharing what they have learnt within the past two years.

She invited the general public to Thursday’s event.

Mills said the goal is to help the students embrace entrepreneurship and enhance their leadership skills.

The Trade Fair Show runs from 3-7 pm on April 4 at the Advanced Vocational Education Centre compound.

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