Preserving Charlestown

ZIZ News –10th July 2013 — The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS), working at the request of The Minister of Tourism Mark Brantley, is exploring the possibility of nominating the historic section of Charlestown, Nevis, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A nomination would be the key part of recommendations being developed by the NHCS on how to protect Charlestown’s Architectural History and Heritage as part of a new economic development strategy to revitalize the downtown area.

As part of the nomination process, it would be necessary to designate an “Historic District” in the capital city with a management plan to protect the designated area and buildings located in that area. Guidelines would need to be written and a review board to consider all proposed changes in the historic district would need to be part of the process.

The NHCS is also exploring other strategies for enhancing Charlestown’s potential for heritage tourism, such as the “main street” programs adopted by successful small towns and cities in the U.S. and UK. Such an approach would build on the unique character of the town, and include not only beautification, but economic restructuring activities and aggressive promotion.

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