Primary Schools on Nevis Receive Kiddies Cricket Kits

There was a fair representation of students and teachers from the Primary Schools on Nevis on Thursday 13th February. This as a brief but very significant ceremony was held at the ET Willet Park.

WICB regional Coach Junie Mitchum was on hand, along with local branch Manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia, Charles Morton to make the presentations. They were ably assisted by former West Indies all rounder Carl Tuckett who called the various schools forward to receive their kits.

Both Mitchum and Morton encouraged the youngsters to focus on their game and to make the most of the opportunities being afforded them at this early stage in their lives as they can develop their cricketing abilities and become successful professionals later on in life.

Mitchum also stressed on the objectives of the kiddies Cricket program and asked the various schools to take good care of the equipment.

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