Prime Minister Douglas Announces ‘Double Salary’

DenzilDouglas-19(ZIZ News) — The anxious wait to know the amount of the holiday bonus public servants will receive this month is over.

On Tuesday during his 2015 Budget Presentation, Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas announced in the National Assembly that his Cabinet approved a ‘double salary’ payment for government employees.

“Mr. Speaker, when it comes to the Civil Servants, we believe that many Civil Servants have been called to serve above and beyond the call of regular duty. Collectively, the level of performance has been high and in large measure has assisted the Government to attain the resounding success story now reflected in our records,” he said, adding that “As a demonstration of our gratitude, we have determined that in this month of December 2014, all Civil Servants will be paid an extra month’s salary. This will help to boost morale and provide an added stimulus to the economy.”

Following the announcement, Dr. Douglas appealed to those who will receive the holiday bonus not to spend it all, but rather to set some aside in savings or otherwise use it prudently.

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