Prime Minister Douglas Lays Out Crime Fighting Plan

Prime Minister Douglas

ZIZ Newsroom…Basseterre, St Kitts (July 15, 2010) – Prime Minister Douglas says the government intends to tackle crime on several fronts to ensure the federation remains a place where everyone feels secure.

The Prime Minister was at the time speaking at the 28th Private Sector Banquet on the weekend.

He says his administration has the crime situation high on the national agenda.

“All of us, we do desire, we do need and want a country in which we can live and do business and achieve personal and national aspirations,” he says.

He said government will be using 3.8 million Euros from the European Union to tackle crime fighting issues.

He also outlined some of the steps they’ll be taking.

“Improving recruitment practices and enhancing staffing policies and working conditions for the police in order to attract more graduates into the service. Rehabilitate, upgrade and continue to refurbish police stations, the police training school and also the coastguard facilities”

Prime Minister Douglas says this new approach to law and order will strengthen the management framework and is focused on getting results.

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