Prime Minister Douglas pays tribute to past and present management and staff of Development Bank

Prime Minister the Right Hon Dr Denzil Douglas cuts the Development Bank’s 30th Anniversary cake assisted by Miss Culture Santonnya Mills and the Bank’s Deputy Chairperson Ms Rubie Taylor.

Basseterre St. Kitts (December 19, 2011) — Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the Right Hon Dr Denzil Douglas has paid glowing tribute to past and present management and staff of the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, telling them that their toil since 1981 when the bank was established has built a prestigious institution. “What has been created over the years is a stable, purposeful and needed institution, spearheaded by individuals who were and are committed to the growth and development of our country,” said the Prime Minister on Saturday evening (December 17) at the Development Bank’s 30th Anniversary Awards Banquet held at the Carambola Beach Club, Friars Bay in St. Kitts.

Receiving the awards included the Bank’s first Chairman of the Board, Mr Samuel Nathaniel, past Chairman, Mr Joseph Edmeade and former General Manager Mr Auckland Hector. Among the staff, Ms Coralee Benjamin, the Bank’s Human Resource Officer, was recognised for having worked with the Bank since its inception in 1981.

“Indeed, every one of you must feel delighted and proud to be an integral part of an institution that has been playing a tremendous role in the development of our country, impacting manufacturing, commerce, agriculture, housing, services generally and education for example, all critical to the advancement of this our proud and progressive nation,” said the Prime Minister, who later presided over the giving of long service awards to employees of the Bank.

Prime Minister the Right Hon Dr Denzil Douglas presents a long service award to Ms Coralee Benjamin who has served the Development Bank since its inception in 1981.

“Tonight I want in particular to commend the chairpersons of the past, the general managers of the past and staff and members of previous boards who have been the foundation persons who have made tangible contribution in development of this bank,” commented the Prime Minister. “We are highly appreciative of their time and expertise, as they worked to shape and build the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis.”

According to Dr Douglas, who as the Minister of Finance has responsibility for the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, gains by the Bank have been achieved to the extent that the general public in St. Kitts and Nevis, citizens and residents, can be justly proud of the accomplishment in their own interests.

He encouraged the Board, Management and Staff of the Bank to be steadfast in their duties, to know and understand that they are affecting the lives of individuals, and collectively the nation. He added that their actions have immediate and long term impact on the nation’s future. In so doing, the Prime Minister noted, they would continue to earn that admiration and respect touted regionally and internationally for the Development Bank.

“From humble foundations back in 1981, the toil of many has enabled you to have such a prestigious institution standing tall and firm today,” observed Dr Douglas. “Your responsibility is to respond to the legacy of those who went before you and to make your own mark in the continued building of this great bank. “Know that the nation has been celebrating with you. This has been a successful institution, an example of strength and service to the people of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. I am very confident that you would rise to the challenge of securing the future of this important institution for the benefit of generations to come.”

Past meets the Present: Present at the 30th Anniversary Awards Banquet included from left, Mr Richard Caines (former Junior Minister for Finance), Mr Auckland Hector (former General Manager), Mr Lenworth Harris (General Manager), Mr Samuel Nathaniel (former Chairman) and Mr Elvis Newton (Chairman).

Apart from the awards, the Development Bank, through its Chairman Mr Elvis Newton, presented the Prime Minister with a dividend cheque of EC$250,000 being ten percent of the interest the Bank made in the year ending December 31, 2010, due to the Bank’s sole shareholder, the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.

At the ceremony, which was emceed by popular radio personality Mr Junie Liburd, remarks were made by the Bank’s General Manager, Mr Lenworth Harris, and the Chairman, Mr Elvis Newton. There were four categories of awards given, the first being in the Valuable Service Awards presented by Chairman Newton, to former General Manager, Mr Auckland Hector and former Chairmen, Mr Samuel Nathaniel and Mr Joseph Edmeade.

The second was the Business Partner Award category, presented by the General Manager Mr Lenworth Harris, to Bryant & Liburd (Solicitors), Simmonds & Associates (Auditors), St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board, Bank of Nevis, Caribbean Development Bank, European Investment Bank, and the St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank.

Excellence in Entrepreneurship/Customer Appreciation Awardees from Nevis, from left, Mr Randolph and Mrs Dian Boddie, Mr Dale Claxton, Mrs and Mr Ellis Phillip, Ms Sherma Richards, and Development Bank Nevis office Branch Manager, Mrs Alexa Pemberton.

Development Bank’s Deputy Chairperson, Ms Rubie Taylor, presented awards for the third category, Excellence in Entrepreneurship/Customer Appreciation Awards. Recipients in this category included, Mrs Patricia Leader (The Grange), Mr Heston Hamm (Stone Deals), Mr Michael Bridgewater (Big Banana), and Mr Randolph and Mrs Dian Boddie (Boddie’s Café, Nevis). Others were Mr Dale Claxton (DC Equipment), Mr Troy Hendrickson (Caribbean Journey Masters), Mr Ira Liburd, Ms Sherma Richards (Sherma’s Garden Shop & Nursery), and Mr Ellis Phillip. Awardees who were not present included Mr Alexander James and Pauline Horton (Serendipity Restaurant), Mr Maxim Isaiah (Smokey’s Solutions), and Mr Dodridge Huggins (Green Acres Farm).

The most eagerly awaited presentation was made by Prime Minister the Right Hon Dr Denzil Douglas, to long serving staff members who included, Ms Coralee Benjamin (30), Ms Marian Browne (26), Ms Veronica Arthurton (24), Mrs Jasmine Irish (21), Ms Erselyn Vanterpool (20), Ms Hyacinth Pemberton (17), and Ms Ercelle Bernier (15). Others were Mr Cloville Morton, Mr Jefferson Merchant (14), Ms Jasmin Primus (14), Ms Laprisca Liburd (14), Ms Avelyn Browne (13), Mr Patrice Ward (13), Ms Natasha Sutton (12), Mr David Fox (11) and Mrs Vernitha Maynard (11).

Highlight of the evening was the cutting of the 30th Anniversary cake, performed by the Prime Minister, assisted by the Bank’s Deputy Chairperson Ms Rubie Taylor, and the reigning Miss Culture Santonnya Mills, who was sponsored by the Development Bank at the Miss Culture Queen Pageant competition during this year’s Culturama celebrations on the island of Nevis.

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