Prime Minister Douglas says statistics play an important role in development process

Prime Minister, Hon Dr. Denzil Douglas

Prime Minister, Hon Dr. Denzil Douglas says statistics are important in every leg of the development process and in achieving the millennium development goals.

The Prime Minister made this statement in his address to mark Caribbean Statistics Day, celebrated on October 15th.

According to Prime Minister Douglas, Caribbean Statistics Day is held to heighten people’s awareness of the importance of statistics.

He said, “The rationale for the observance of this day is to engender a greater awareness of statistics and its role across a wide array of activities ranging from individual activities to matters pertaining to the social, environmental and economic aspects of the country.”

He says statistics are gathered on a regular basis by Government departments.

“The national accounts, balance of payments, the consumer price index, trade and population and housing are just a few of the areas.”

The theme for this year’s Caribbean Statistics Day is “celebrating the many achievements of official statistics.”

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