Prime Minister Harris Addresses Nationals in the UK

The Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris was on Sunday July 5, warmly received by an enthusiastic crowd on his first meeting with nationals in the United Kingdom. The group which included nationals living in London, Slough, Manchester and Leeds spoke of their delight in seeing the Prime Minister and posed several questions about developments in St. Kitts and Nevis and the PM’s vision for the Federation.

Prime Minister Harris reassured nationals that his vision and that of his Government was to bring forth genuine economic transformation in the lives of ordinary people. He reflected on the journey the people of St. Kitts and Nevis have traveled and on the sacrifices and contributions of their forebears. He used this as a backdrop to inspire greater commitment and a sense of direction to protect the hard fought benefits of years of struggles and to embolden us as a people to face the tasks that lie ahead.

He called on nationals living in the UK to share their ideas, concerns, experiences, and skill-sets and join the government in building a more prosperous and modern Federation.

In responding to questions, the Honourable Prime Minister assured nationals that the allegations of victimization are false and that the Government remains committed to fulfilling its pledge to move all citizens forward in a more just society with prosperity for all.

Prime Minister Harris also spoke to the high incidence of homicides which Government is tackling head on, by engaging the community, the private sector, and by seeking external expertise and mobilizing appropriate resources to make sure that no effort is spared in tackling this very serious problem.

Prime Minister Harris further reassured nationals that his Government will remain engaged and he promised to return soon to visit with other nationals across the UK.

PM Harris was joined by Minster of Tourism, the Hon. Lindsay Grant, Attorney General, the Hon. Vincent Byron and St. Kitts and Nevis High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, H.E. Dr Kevin M. Isaac.

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